May 25th Update - REMAIN CLOSED  
Church, mausoleum, museum, gift shop, tours, restrooms & church offices. 
The Parking Area around the Mission is closed due to health concerns regarding Covid-19.*
The Church office is open limited hours, please call us first. 
For emergencies call the Church office at (520) 294-2624.
Check this website / page for updated information. 

Click this link to go to - Home Prayer Resources. 

San Xavier del Bac Mission is able to do its various ministries, be a place for visitors, pilgrimages, maintain the structure, pay salaries, subsidize the school, and more, because of the donations we receive from our visitors and parishioners. If you feel a special connection to Mission San Xavier and would like to make a charitable donation there are several ways to do so. 

Check - Mail checks / money orders to the parish.
    Mission San Xavier del Bac
    Attn: Pastor
     1950 W San Xavier Road
    Tucson, AZ 85746-7409

Online - Link to Diocese of Tucson Parish Donations
Secure donating at the Diocese of Tucson website. Choose the amount you wish to give and the frequency; ONE TIME, WEEKLY or MONTHLY. 
Select San Xavier - Tucson in the SELECT YOUR PARISH section. 

Thank you for the many ways you support our mission, and for your continued support of our Church.

SUNDAY MASS VIEW ONLINE:  Link to Sunday Masses
Sunday masses are recorded inside the Mission Church and are posted online Sunday mornings. Masses are recorded in such a way to allow you to participate in prayer and responses as if you were present in the church. 
Masses are in English and songs are in English or the Tohono O'odham native language. 

Distance Learning through MobyMAX Kickoff: Monday, March 30, 2020. For more info login to your child’s MobyMAX account.

FREE Grab-and-Go Breakfast and Lunch.
In collaboration with the San Xavier Mission School the San Xavier Education will be offering FREE Grab-and-Go breakfast and lunch meals:
• Beginning TUESDAY, MARCH 24th
• From 9am to 12pm
• Monday through Friday
 Till supplies last (subject to change)

Please Note:
• Meals MUST be taken “to go” so that you can eat at home.
• Cannot consume meals on the SXD Education Center grounds
• One breakfast and one lunch will be provided to each child present.
• These meals are free to all children 18 years and under.
• There are no eligibility requirements
• Per Federal Meal Program requirements, children must be present to receive meals.
• Meals cannot be provided for additional children that are not present.

Thank you for coming and supporting your child’s well-being and education with the San Xavier Education Center and San Xavier Mission School.

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Link to the Food Bank
Looking for a quality Catholic education which is affordable and honors the culture and language of the Tohono O’odham. San Xavier Mission School offers
small class size
differentiated instruction
religious education and sacramental preparation
cultural and language education
free breakfast and lunch
family community atmosphere 
scholarships available

For more information call 520-294-0628, or email


Please call the office to schedule. SOCIAL DISTANCING will be observed, please remain at least 6 feet or more apart. 

All classes suspended. The schedule for future Sacraments and classes has not been decided. 
Please check back to this website.

For Mass Intentions please call the office. (520) 294-2624
For Prayer intentions please email the office.
Daily and Sunday mass intentions continue to be said at private masses. (see below). 

Saturday, March 14th (530) – Sr. Carol Diedrich
Sunday, March 15th – 
  (8) Danny Gersbacher (930) Mr & Mrs. P. Onyemekeihia
(11) Dominguez & Mendoza Family (1230) Pro Populo
Monday, March 16th (630) – Joel J. Weutling
Tuesday, March 17th (630) – † Betty Pascual
  School Mass (830) – † Joseph Altimirano
Wednesday, March 18th (630) – † Fernando Joaquin & Frank Celestine
Thursday, March 19th (630) – † Andrea Tavella
Friday, March 20th (630) – Kruzicki Family
Saturday, March 21st (530) † Mrs. Angel Sanchez 

Saturday, March 21st (530) – † Mrs. Angel Sanchez
Sunday, March 22nd – 
  (8) Pro Populo (930) Intention of Franciscan Sisters
(11) † Vince Demuth (1230) Klaus Wojak
Monday, March 23rd (630) – Bob Windsor
Tuesday, March 24th (630) – † Manuel Heredia
  School Mass (830) – J Roberto Diaz
Wednesday, March 25th (630) – † Kathy Orzell
Thursday, March 26th (630) – † Ramon Molina Ocaño 
Friday, March 27th (630) -- † Helen Fleckenstein
Saturday, March 28th (530) † Daniel Joaquin

Saturday, March 28th (530) – † Daniel Joaquin
Sunday, March 29th – 
  (8) †Antonio Macaraig (930) † Betty Jones
(11) Pro Populo (1230) Pius & Marie’s grandchildren
Monday, March 30th (630) – † Dick Neville
Tuesday, March 31st (630) – Kyler Girroff
  School Mass (830) – † Vince Demuth
Wednesday, April 1st (630) – Richard Cantieri & family
Thursday, April 2nd (630) – Helen Jennings
Friday, April 3rd (630) – Pete Parra & family
Saturday, April 4th (530) Deceased members of St. Anthony’s Fraternity 

Saturday, April 4th (530) – Deceased members of St. Anthony’s Fraternity
Sunday, April 5th – 
  (8) † Alejandra M. Hernandez (930) Chavez Randy
(11) † Donald Campbell (1230) Pro Populo
Monday, April 6th (630) – † Manuel Heredia
Tuesday, April 7th (630) – † H. Ortiz
Wednesday, April 8th (630) – † Vince Demuth
Thursday, April 9th (630) – (No Mass Intention)
Friday, April 10th (630) – (No Mass Intention)
Saturday, April 11th (530) – (No Mass Intention)

Saturday, April 11th (530) – (No Mass Intention)
Sunday, April 12th – 
  (8) Pro Populo (930) 
(11) † Tony Harper (1230) † Francis Gill Sewalt
Monday, April 13th (630) – Special Intention
Tuesday, April 14th (630) – † Anna Reno
Wednesday, April 15th (630) – Rick Lynch & family
Thursday, April 16th (630) – 
Friday, April 17th (630) – Margaret Alvarez
Saturday, April 18th (530) – † Sr. Paul

Saturday, April 18th (530) – † John, Connie & Sylvia Gonzales
Sunday, April 19th – 
  (8) † Richard Rahill (930) † Azarya L. Mendoza
(11) Pro Populo (1230) † Danny Quijada
Monday, April 20th (630) – † Sr. Paul
Tuesday, April 21st (630) – Franciscan Sisters
Wednesday, April 22nd (630)- Intention of Mercedes Leon
Thursday, April 23rd (630) – † Manuel Heredia
Friday, April 24th (630) – † Sr. Peter
Saturday, April 25th (530) – 

Saturday, April 25th (530) – 
Sunday, April 26th – 
  (8) (930) 
(11) † Martha Meza (1230) Pro Populo
Monday, April 27th (630) – Vocations
Tuesday, April 28th (630) – † Daniel Joaquin 
Wednesday, April 29th (630)- † Sr. Juliana
Thursday, April 30th (630) – † Sr. Francis Joseph 
Friday, May 1st (630) – † Manuel Heredia
Saturday, May 2nd (530) – Deceased members of St. Anthony Fraternity

Saturday, May 2nd (530) – Deceased members of St. Anthony Fraternity 
Sunday, May 3rd – 
  (8) Pro Populo (930) 
(11) † Bill Maytorena (1230) 
Monday, May 4th (630) – Franciscan Sisters 
Tuesday, May 5th (630) – Vocations
Wednesday, May 6th (630)- † Kieran Devine
Thursday, May 7th (630) – Special Intention
Friday, May 8th (630) – Mike Walvantine & family
Saturday, May 9th (530) -

Saturday, May 9th (530) – 
Sunday, May 10th – 
  (8) David Brichacek (930) 
(11) Pro Populo (1230) † Marilynn Villalobos
Monday, May 11th (630) – Special Intention 
Tuesday, May 12th (630) – † Honorato Sawal
Wednesday, May 13th (630)- 
Thursday, May 14th (630) – 
Friday, May 15th (630) – Special Intention
Saturday, May 16th (530) – 

Saturday, May 16th (530) – 
Sunday, May 17th – 
  (8) Daniel Brichacek (930) 
(11) St. Jude (1230) Pro Populo
Monday, May 18th (630) – 
Tuesday, May 19th (630) – 
  School Mass (830) – 
Wednesday, May 20th (630)- 
Thursday, May 21st (630) – 
Friday, May 22nd (630) – † Manuel Heredia
Saturday, May 23rd (530) – 

Saturday, May 23rd (530) – 
Sunday, May 24th – 
  (8) Pro Populo (930) 
(11) Mary Nosal (1230) 
Monday, May 25th (630) – 
Tuesday, May 26th (630) – † Ralph Hannah
  School Mass (830) – 
Wednesday, May 27th (630)- Special Intention
Thursday, May 28th (630) – † Daniel Joquin
Friday, May 29th (630) – 
Saturday, May 30th (530) – 

(or your local hospital)

This message is primarily for those in the Tucson area, but those outside Tucson may be able to adapt the suggestion below.

I am aware that there are individuals and groups in our parishes that are anxious to perform a good work of charity--to be of real help to someone in need in these challenging times. The Pastoral Care Department at St. Mary’s and St. Joseph’s Hospitals in Tucson has reached out to us with an option you may find helpful. If any of the suggestions below interest you or any of your parishioners you should feel free to contact the hospitals as indicated below. Also, if you have a Catholic School you may wish to share this with your Principal.  
May God bless you.
+Edward J. Weisenburger.

Your help is needed!:
We received an urgent request for help from St. Mary's and St. Joseph's Hospitals. The COVID-19 crisis has hit their staffs extremely hard. The grueling work of caring for so many extremely sick patients has left them physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted. You can help! Here are a few ideas.

PRAY. Pray that God protects them as they work, for healing of their patients, for the health of their families, and for an end to the pandemic.
Ask your students, children and grandchildren to make colorful posters (of any size) thanking the cleaning crew, cafeteria workers, ward clerks, respiratory technicians, transportation personnel, doctors, nurses and the entire staff for their hard work and dedication – the encouragement will do wonders for them.

Write thank you cards and notes of appreciation to the same group of people.

Give or collect donations and/or gift certificates for restaurants or grocery stores who can deliver food and/or meals to a specific ward or unit (the medical, emergency and intensive care units have been hit especially hard.)

Have your local pizza place deliver pizza to a ward or unit.

Sew or make fabric masks or donate other critical supplies such as sanitizer, medical gloves, etc.

Make care packages that include pre-packaged, individually wrapped snacks, thank you cards, encouraging notes, cute post-it notes, office supplies, etc. Be creative.

Any other items you can think of that will help them remain positive as they deal with the chaos and pain that this crisis has caused.

If you have any questions regarding the masks or other supplies, please email, Joanna Mahon at
Her telephone number is 520-872-6216.

All items can be sent to or dropped off (please call ahead in order to allow for curb-side drop-off/pick-up) in care of 
Travis Williams 
Market Manager of Spiritual Care Services at 
St. Mary’s Hospital 
1601 West St. Mary’s Road, Tucson, Arizona 85745.  

His telephone number is 520-345-9441 and his email address is 

Please call or email him if you have any questions or any ideas that you think may help. 
Thank you in advance for your prayers, generosity and compassion.


A Scriptural Way of the Cross for Lent. 
  Link to download the PDF file. English / en Espanõl

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