If you'd like to send a prayer request to the Saint, please make it in the box below. It will be placed with the Saint. We will handle your prayer with reverence. Peace and Blessings be with you.
Prayer request to the Saint!

Everyday the Mission has pilgrams, tourist and locals pray to Saint Francis for intersessionary pray to God. 
There are countless people who say that their prayers have been answered through the intersession of Saint Francis.

This tradition goes back to Father Ignacio Joseph Ramirez y Arellano who is believed to have had a miraculous state in death that was witnessed by people from all over the Tucson area.

Those who believe come with needs, requests and thanksgiving for answered prayers. 

Here we offer you the ability to have your prayers printed and put with the Saint.  If you'd like this to be done please fill out the box to your right with your intention and we will print it out and offer it to Saint Francis.  This will be done privately and no one else will see your request/prayer. 

Mission San Xavier del Bac
White Dove of the Desert